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Pictures of Iowa - Michael Larsen

I am Michael Larsen and I live in central Iowa and love it. I love the four season but sometimes the extremes make you wonder about living here. When we talk about it, are we complaining about it or just bragging that we can take it.
I have always loved photography since I purchased my first camera, a Kodak X-30 Instamatic. It had an electric eye that would hold open the shutter until it had enough light to get a photo. I was hooked. Then I took my camera everywhere as to not miss the one photo.
Well, my photography has evolved away from most family snapshots to where I think about what is in the view finder and how the photo will look on the paper.
I love to take photos of most anything but I do lean towards landscapes and anything with good color.
Thank you for visiting my photo gallery.

Michael Larsen